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    Accessible Health Care

    Your health and your time are valuable, and those of us at Superior Health Care understand that you need outstanding care for every member of your family without having to run all over town to get it. Thanks to our unique multi-disciplinary approach, you can get a well-child examination for your toddler, urgent care services for yourself, send employees for workers’ compensation evaluations and more – all in one location.

    With a qualified, licensed and highly skilled medical staff, we stand ready to care for you and your loved ones. By offering decades of experience combined with state of the art documentation and medical technology, we gladly serve both insured and uninsured patients. Providing you with attentive, customized care is important to us and no matter why you visit Superior Health Care we want to be your first choice in primary and specialized care in the Arlington, TX, and Spring, TX, areas.


    Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Doctors

    Experienced in Treating Work-Related Injury in Spring & Arlington, TX

    If you’ve sustained an injury while working in Texas, Superior Injury Care is here for you to help you receive the proper injury care and treatment you deserve.  Upon becoming a patient, we will assign to you a workers’ compensation case manager from our office that will assist you with understanding your workers’ compensation claim, your diagnoses, and your treatment options. This case manager will serve as your patient advocate and will help communicate with your employer and claims adjuster to make sure you get the full injury care and compensation benefits you deserve.  Our workers’ compensation doctors in Arlington are dedicated to creating surroundings that encourage a quick recovery from your injuries and return you to your normal way of life.

    Personal Injury Doctors Experienced in Treating Auto Injury

    Bodily injuries sustained from car wrecks and truck accidents require care just like other injuries. Though there are several personal injury doctors in Arlington, very few are as proficient in dealing with the proper steps involved in treating auto injury. At Superior Injury Care, our car accident doctors and chiropractors are experienced in dealing with these auto injuries and we will work with our patients’ attorneys to help patients get the financial assistance they need so that they are able to receive the proper care.

    Have you been injured in an auto accident? Are you unsure where to turn or who to speak with? Call our Arlington office today to learn more about our experienced personal injury doctors and get started with your injury care.

    Slip and Fall Injury Doctors

    Slip and fall injuries often occur due to hazardous conditions caused by negligence. The injuries caused by slip and falls can range from soft tissue damage in the neck and back to broken bones, head trauma, and even death. The most common type of slip and fall injury occurs in or around a commercial building (most often a grocery store) due to a flooring surface that becomes very slick when moisture or liquid is present.

    The injury caused by a slip and fall accident may not be immediately apparent. Oftentimes, the injury and associated pain comes days later. If you have suffered a slip and fall accident you should see a personal injury doctor that can properly evaluate the extent of your injury.


    We’re a DOL certified injury care clinic serving injured federal workers in the Dallas & Houston areas with excellent medical care, rehabilitation, and free claims assistance.



    We accept Letters of Protection (LOP) and work with the best personal injury attorneys in the Dallas & Houston areas to serve those who’ve been injured in an accident.



    We provide a wide range of medical care and patient services for all members of your family including cold/flu, pediatric care, infections, wellness exams, & more.


    For Individuals & Families

    We strive to serve families and individuals in our community with the very best in medical care and healthcare services. In keeping with our commitment to excellent patient service, we are now providing safe and convenient consultations online via video chat. Avoid crowds, avoid traffic, and avoid unnecessary exposure by allowing us to meet your healthcare needs through the internet.

    Our providers and medical staff adhere to the highest standards of safety, sanitization, and professionalism. We will take time to listen to your needs and offer the individualized care you need for your specific health issues.


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